Chilli pepper

(Capsicuum annuum)


There are a lot of varieties of chilli pepper that differentiates mainly for the different shapes and colors of the berries, inside the berries there are little yellowish-white seeds.

In the world there are about two thousand qualities of chilli pepper, in Europe now it is a basic seasoning of the Mediterranean cookery that is used widely.

The chilli pepper is very rich of vitamins: C, PP, B2, E, K, contains mineral salts and is famous for is quality to be a vasodilator, that’s why it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. The chilli pepper also helps the digestive processes, is an antidepressant and antihistamine .

 In cookery it can be used in many recipes: to season sauces, pasta, different flavourings but even for an unusual jam.

Our prepared mixtures that contain it: Dressing for pasta spicy.

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