Fresh short pasta with white ragu

 Ingredients for 4 people


  • 400 gr of fresh short pasta (such as garganelli)

  • 150 gr of carrots, celery, onion chopped into small pieces

  • 400 gr of minced veal meat

  • a very small glass of marsala dry liquor

  • 4 cucchiaini di Preparato per Primi Piatti Piccante Fior di Maiella

  • 40 gr of raisins

  • 30 gr of pine nuts

  • extra virgin olive oil

In a pan fry in oil the chopped carrots, celery and onion. Add the minced meat and fry slightly brown, add the marsala liquor, evaporate and then add a glass of water. Leave to cook for half an hour and add extra water if necessary.

In the meantime put the raisins in a little bit of water, wring them and add together with the Dressing for pasta spicy to the white minced meat sauce, leave for 10 minutes.

 Cook the short pasta in salted water, strain it and add the white ragu sauce, decorate with pine nuts.


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